Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wowie Wow Wow!

I feel like Junie B. Jones in more than one way today! The forgetful little girl that doesn't do her homework. Yep. That's me today!
I just got a call from a kiddo that I tutor asking why I wasn't there today...Hand. Slaps. Forehead.

I...I...I...totally forgot!
 How horrible I am! How completely awful it sounds to say that I forgot him!
A number of things could have seriously gone wrong and I would have been responsible...what an idiot! (Yes, I've said that about 10 times to myself already!) Poor kiddo said he was standing outside my door waiting for me until he finally went outside to see if his Mom was there to pick him up...thankfully she was!  (I always walk him outside to her!)

Aside from me being terribly forgetful, I did read one of the most *breath taking* paragraphs on prayer from one of my students today.

Such a great way to summarize prayer! I was speechless!

I really like the first sentence of this one too! "Prayer is the only time you get with God on earth."
 Wowie Wow Wow! Those made my day!

 Now I need to spend some much needed time in prayer asking the Lord to help my memory!
Have  great night!

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