Sunday, March 23, 2014

Student Cancer Support!

I previously posted about one of the kiddos in my 5th grade class whose 6th grade brother has bone cancer. His brother will be starting another round of chemo this Monday, next Monday, and then the next. He and his sweet family have really been heavy on my heart today!
On Friday a couple of our male admins organized a head shaving during 5th-6th grade lunch for those who wanted to participate.It was a very exciting time and there were a lot of whoaaa's during the whole ordeal! About 30ish kiddos total participated! I stood back and watched with great admiration for these boys!

Two of my fifth graders volunteering to go first!

Dylan is on the left and his supportive brother Keaton is in yellow!
This is a group shot of the 5th graders in my class who participated!

I'm super proud to be their teacher! A lot of them had a head full of hair and this was a very sweet selfless act! Just a reminder to show love to your sweet babies because you never know what tomorrow holds!
Praying for the Mighty McCabes this week!

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