Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fossil Diggin' and Spring Schtuff

 This week we are concluding out Dinosaur hasn't been near as much fun or near as interesting as I'd hoped it would be! Next year is a new year and I plan to spend all summer coming up with a way to go Dino-crazy! It really is hard to find things from a creationists view point and that are upper el-ed. We did do this fossil dig...I'm very thankful for the other two fifth grade teachers for getting this all bought and organized! We buried nails, hair clips, dice, dinosaur toys, pennies, some potting soil and they had to divide their "site" into fours, excavate, and clean the fossils. They had a lot of fun with it and made some giant messes too! They also logged a description of each fossil. The funniest moment was when one student blurted out, "Mrs. Stewart, this is just a bunch of random stuff!" I said, "Did you think you'd find real fossils?!" and he replied "well...we did dissect real owl pellets!" (Dissecting owl pellets during our ecosystem study has been one of their absolute favorites!...Mrs. Moates, this was definitely a must do again!)

Though it was a bunch of random stuff, if all that stuff were actually found then it would show proof of a living civilization.
A penny!
This group was the messiest of all!
Using her paintbrush to clean off the dice
I'm struggling with my voice this week and feel like I'm losing it! I guess it's all the blooming spring schtuff coming up! A lot of my kiddos are coughing, sneezing, blowing their nose, and sickish too! In spite of it, I was excited to find that one of the beautiful flowers I planted  3 years ago has bloomed...I can not remember what kind it is but I do know they must be top heavy flowers because I had to hold this one up to get a picture.

Isn't she purty?! I just wish she'd stand up without falling over!          

It appears that my day has been fossilized and flowery! Hope yours has too!
Happy Hump Day! 

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